The installation of the program did not appear to complete

Check that your anti-virus program was disabled or sleeping or in a 'snooze' state. It is important that your anti-virus program was not enabled. We have installed hundreds of programs and we sometimes get problems when not disabling our anti-virus program.

This is how some of the popular anti-virus programs look when enabled and disabled.

AVG disabled AVG off state

enabled AVG on state

Norton anti-virus

disabled Norton Antivirus disabled

enabled Norton Antivirus enabled

Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition

disabled SymantecAV Corporate disabled (There is a red surround to the icon.)

enabled SymantecAV Corporate enabled


disabled VET off state

enabled VET on state

Please also see our webpage Tutorial on installing Genp on Windows 7.

(2007 Apr 13)

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