How to hide GenBases you do not use often

The GenBase List dialog can be configured to exclude GenBases (genealogical databases) you do not use often or do not want to be selected.

This could be the case when you want to exclude the demo GenBases.

How to exclude the demo GenBase

In this example you have two GenBases - Jones and FamTree. You only want to see them in the GenBase List dialog. You do not want to see the demo GenBases.

GenBase list including Jones and FamTree - before

  1. Click the Advanced button. The advanced options should be seen.
  2. Choose the 'GenBase exclude' radio button.
  3. Click the Ellipsis button.
  4. For each GenBase in the upper pane: Select it then click the Down arrow button.
  5. All the demo GenBases should be seen in the lower pane. Only the two GenBases - Jones and FamTree - should be left in the upper pane.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Click the Refresh button. Only the two GenBases should be seen in the GenBase List.
  8. Click the Advanced button so the advanced options are not seen.

GenBase list including Jones and FamTree - after

The graphic above shows the list after excluding the demo GenBases from the list. In the advanced section the drop down list of excluded GenBases can be seen. It contains the demo GenBases.

(This section relies on some features only available in the higher editions of the family tree program GENP.)

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(2011 Oct 30)

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