How to enter Quarter dates from English and Welsh registers

In England and Wales central registration of births, marriages and deaths began on 1 July 1837. The indexes to these records are arranged alphabetically, by quarter of the year.

How do you record these events in the genealogy program GENP?

For example, for the First Quarter enter:

FROM 1 JAN 1850 TO 31 MAR 1850


For the Second Quarter enter:

FROM 1 APR 1850 TO 30 JUN 1850


For the Third Quarter enter:

FROM 1 JUL 1850 TO 30 SEP 1850


For the Fourth Quarter enter:

FROM 1 OCT 1850 TO 31 DEC 1850


Entering dates in this way takes advantage of Date Entry Styles. The date modifier "from 1st to 2nd" is what is being used. This modifier means that the event began on the 1st date and ended on the 2nd date.

When you enter these dates remember that the event may have taken place in the previous quarter to that registered. For example, births had to be registered within 30 days and that date may have been near the end of a Quarter and thus registered in the next Quarter. Also a birth may have taken place outside the parents place of abode.

(2010 Jun 18)

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