How to create a backup Group

If you have one GenBase then it is straightforward to backup that GenBase when using the program GenP. The backup dialog provides a means of selecting and backing up that specific GenBase.

But what do you need to do to backup more than one GenBase? If you have more than one GenBase then you can perform one backup for each GenBase. So if you have a Jones database and a Smith database you can perform two backups.

However a more powerful and easier method exists. You can now choose to backup a Group of GenBases.

Naming and creating the backup Group

1. Name the Group.

We need a name that is indicative of the purpose of the Group.

A name with Backup in it might be suitable. A name with a suffix of All to indicate that you are backing up all your personal databases might be suitable. If you were backing up your British databases perhaps a suffix of British.

The chosen name, might be like BackupAll or BackupBritish. Even simpler, the name Backup.

2. Create the Group.

Now you need to setup a new Group in the system. You give the Group the name you have just decided upon. In that group you add the GenBases you want.

For example, if the Group contained the demonstration databases then the Group might be BackupDemo with the four databases - Keipert, Hatchepsut, PalenqueChaacal and PalenquePacal.

Please see the Tutorial on Grouping.

This facility is available in GenP version 4.01

(2012 Nov 13)

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