How to add a background picture to a family tree chart box

Having generated a family tree chart you may want to add a background picture to one of the boxes.

A background picture is a different effect from including an Image in the boxes of your chart.

It is called a background picture because the picture lies behind other objects in the box.

This is the effect we want to achieve:

Family tree chart box adding a picture

Before you start, have a firm idea of the picture you will select and its location.

To achieve this effect:

  1. Click inside the box. You will see that the box is selected.
  2. Right click. You will see a pop up menu.
  3. Choose menu item Picture.
  4. Navigate to the picture file you want to select using the Open dialog. You will see a thumbnail of the picture.
  5. Click the Open button.
  6. The picture will be seen as background to the family tree chart box.

(2011 Oct 30)

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