How do I register GENP?

There are two (2) places where you can register GENP. You only need to choose one of those places to register GENP. After registering you must exit GENP. This is necessary for correct enabling of Preferences to occur.

When you restart GENP please go to the About Box. You should see your newly registered name.

1) About Box.

Go to Help | About. You will see the About Box. You can register the program through this dialog and see your registration details. It also gives the program version number and publisher details.

To register this program double click on the large GENP logo which is on the right hand side of the dialog.

About Box registering GenP

In the above graphic you can see the logo pointed to by the green arrows.

A register dialog will appear in which you enter your name and password. You may need to wait a few seconds before your details are registered. This is the Register dialog:

Register dialog for GENP

Tip: Copy and paste your Name and Password from the email you receive from us. This will eliminate typing errors.

2) Trial Dialog.

Click on the Register button to see the same Register dialog.

(2009 Nov 25; revised 2009 Dec 21, 2011 Oct 4, 2012 Mar 25)

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