Correcting a year like 1850 formatted as 1,850 in a report from the Query Manager

The Query Manager in GENP outputs its data to the Grid. When you click the Report button you can export the data in different formats such as text or Microsoft Excel.

If you export the data to Microsoft Excel a field such as EarlyDate or LateDate may appear formatted like a number and not a year.

So you may see a format like:


This is the year 1850 but it has been formatted like an integer.


To make this look better do the following. On the Export dialog. (Assuming that you have exported LateDate.)

1. select the Formats tabsheet

2. from the User list select LateDate

3. overtype #,###,##0 with ######0

4. click the Add button

5. click the Start Export as usual.

You will now see the date appear as 1850 and not 1,850.

(2010 Nov 21)

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