Portable drive operation

GENP can be installed on a memory stick or USB drive. Note - This is for GENP Platinum users only.

This means that you can run the program at a library of relatives house.

There is a new facility to easily point the program to the variable location of your databases. (See Location - Preferences.)

You must firstly register GENP Platinum that has been installed to your hard drive. You must register the program on the portable drive before moving the portable drive to another computer.


How to install GENP on a portable drive.


1. Create a folder on the portable drive. Say GENP.

2. When prompted by the installer to 'Select Start Menu Folder' check 'Don't create a Start Menu folder'.

3. When prompted to 'Select Additional Tasks' uncheck 'Create a desktop icon'.

4. Currently some dozen or so files are written to your system folder. eg. C:\Windows\System32\

You will be prompted for each file - Would you like Setup to overwrite it? Answer No.

5. To run the program double click on the program executable. For example, 'H:\GENP\GENP.exe' if the portable drive is your H drive.


How to uninstall GENP on a portable drive.


Use one of the following methods:

1. By using the Windows facility Add or Remove Programs on the machine that you installed GENP to the portable drive.

2. Run 'unins000.exe' in the root folder of GENP on the portable drive.


General Instructions

If you have a Preferences setting to automatically open a GenBase and you move the portable drive to another computer and the portable drive is assigned a different drive letter then you will see the message

SYSFDBGN, E, 007, Unable to open DB


You need to go into System Tables | Databases and change the location.

If you change the Report Language to say Spanish: Although the report itself will be in Spanish the report preview window's text will still be in English.

To fix this you need to copy all the files in the folder RB to your system directory. Note - you may not have authority to make that change on the computer you are running on.

Another way to change the Location is to use the Database Location Substitution tabsheet in Preferences.


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