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When you specify the location of a GenBase you can now use an identifier in the path. For example, you many use the identifier "memstick" to specify the path to your memory stick or USB drive. This feature makes it easy to move the location of your GenBases.

GENP Preferences - Database Location Substitution

The above screen shot shows the Identifier "demo" which points to your hard drive. This gives the location of all the demo GenBases.

How to use the Database Location Substitution feature in Preferences.

To add another row at the end of existing rows press the down arrow.

To add a row above the row you are on press Insert.

To delete an Identifier press Delete. To reverse that change - right click and choose menu item Undo.

To delete a whole row you firstly delete the Substitution then delete the Identifier. Then press the up or down arrow to place focus on another row. You should see that the row has disappeared.

There is one Identifier that is maintained by the system. This is the Identifier demo. If you delete its row the system will restore it.

If you delete the Substitution Location the system will restore it.

You can amend the Substitution Location if you need to.


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