Press Release

Cocolsoft Computer Solutions, Melbourne, Australia.


June 18, 2014.


GENP version 5 has been released.

Melbourne, Australia. This release brings the support of Unicode characters and thus many more languages.

"As well as the existing support for English and other Western European languages the new release will support Eastern European languages such as Russian and Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean" said founder Peter Evans.

Demonstrating the ability of the program to handle Unicode characters is the release of the Japanese language support.

Peter Evans said "A demonstration database of the Japanese Tokugawa family Shogunate ships with the product".

Japanese language homepage, glossary of Japanese genealogical terms and an Introductory Video in Japanese have been put live on the website.

In this release the underlying database on which we build our genealogical databases has been changed. Major work has been carried out, under the hood, to support all these changes.

Existing abilities are - multi media, multiple databases, grouping of databases, multi lingual. Link your data from one database to another. Over 50 reports. The program is available in three editions - Standard, Deluxe and Platinum.

Version 5 runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.
Visit the website to download a free trial of the program and view videos.



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