Hourglass Tree Chart - Ancestors at top - Hatchepsut

This tree chart has been produced from the demonstration Hatchepsut data available with GENP.

The Hourglass Tree Chart has the focus person Tuthmosis I. He is found in the row with generation number 1.

The chart is in the traditional orientation of ancestors at the top.

The chart shows his ancestors to generation 2 and his descendants to generation 2.

The variation "Descendant with spouse" places the descendant and spouse in the same box. If the descendant has more than one spouse then they will appear in another box. In this example Tuthmosis I appears in two boxes. The first with spouse Ahmose and the second box with spouse Mutnofret.

There is a paper background to the chart. The images in the boxes are on the left hand side.

(2011 Apr 17)

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