Descendant Tree Chart - European orientation - Pacal linked

This tree chart has been produced from the demonstration PalenquePacal and PalenqueChaacal data available with GENP. The GenBase PalenquePacal is named after the individual Pacal the Great.

The Descendant Tree Chart has the focus person Chaacal I. Not to be confused with Chaacal III who is the progenitor of GenBase PalenqueChaacal.

The chart runs for eleven (11) generations. What is special about this chart is that the two GenBases are linked together and the chart reflects this linking. See the graphic overlay which shows the eight (8) generations of Pacal and the three (3) generations of Chaacal.

The orientation of the chart is top to bottom which is the traditional European orientation. The images in the boxes are on the left hand side.

(2011 Apr 17)

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