Tree Charts - panel Library

There are two libraries provided.


Tree Charts - panel Library - Standard

This graphic shows standard objects in the Category for the English language (en).

In this library are objects used by the system when certain options are chosen. The library is divided into categories based on human languages. For example, the Enlish language category is "en".

If you were to choose to include the chart title then the system uses the appropriate object in the Standard library to format the title in the language that the system is running.


Tree Charts - panel Library - Ornament

This graphic shows a few of the ornaments provided with the program.

In this library are stored the graphics that you may choose to include in a chart.

To place the graphics in the chart you will need to read the appropriate section.

An ornament is an accessory, article or detail used to beautify the appearance of your chart.

There are five categories in the Ornament library: NamePlate, Ornament, OrnamentBorder, OrnamentCorner and OrnamentLine.

Things to consider

1. Adding an object to a library.

You will see the dialog - Library Item - before adding your object. Ensure that the Library is the library you want. The system always displays the first Library which may not be the Library you want.

The Caption is what you see as the display label in the toolbar and the hint.

The Text is the words in the text box in the diagram.

2. Standard library and items.

The Standard library can not be deleted.

Standard items can not be deleted.

Standard items can not be edited.

3. If you delete a Category you may have to restart the application before the Category disappears.

4. If you edit an object by renaming it then the file name of the object will be the original file name.

5. Adding a new Category to the library.

You will need to exit Tree Charts for the changes to take place.

Known problems

1. If you save an object with the name First Test (a space between the first word and the last word) then another object with the name FirstTest (no space) the second object firstly appears in the list but has in fact overwritten the first. When you next run there will only be one object, the last one added.


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