Tree Charts - panel History

The History tool panel displays some information about charts that you have previously generated. For example, who the focus individual was.

You can use this information to quickly decide if this chart is one that you want to recall and regenerate.

Tree Charts - panel History

The above graphic shows a number of History items formed from Ancestor, Descendant and Hourglass charts. The focus item shows its Preview.

Behind the sceens the History panel stores all the data required to regenerate a chart. You could regenerate a chart produced two months before. When you regenerate the chart it will include any updated information. For example, if you altered one individual's birth date then the modified birth date will now appear.

The History panel is quite different from the facility to save diagrams. Those facilities save an exact copy of the chart. For example, as a BMP format graphic file. For example, as a diagram which can be loaded in the system and modified. Please see the writeup on that feature.

As well as the display of the focus individual, color coded based on sex, there is the individual's birth and death dates. The record number and GenBase of the individual is also given. The tree style of the chart, such as Ancestor is also displayed. The Source of data for the chart is given, for example, a Group. The date the chart was saved is displayed.

There is a fixed number of history items stored in the list. See the section on Preferences. When the history fills up the oldest entries are automatically deleted from the list.

You can prevent an entry from being deleted by placing a hold on the entry. To do this select a row then click the Hold button. In future that row will display a green tick in the Hold column. You can release the item by selecting the row again and clicking the same button which will have the caption Release.

The display can format the names in either Surname first order of Given name first order.

A handy way to decide if this chart is the one you want to recall and regenerate is the Preview graphic.

When you recall a chart from history any background is not restored.

You can see an enlarged view of the Preview when you hover your mouse over the Preview.

To make the enlarged view disappear move the mouse over the enlarged view. Note - If the mouse isn't over the enlarged view to start with then move it so it is over the enlarged view. You can finish viewing the enlarged view by swiping your mouse over the image, by keying ALT F4, by keying ESC, or by keying ALT C.

To recall the chart click the Re-Focus button. All the settings and individuals, GenBases, Groups, Lists etc associated with that chart are recalled. You can check that by looking at say the Source tool panel and checking the data. Now Process to generate the chart.

Usually you will want to "Use any stored settings". However by unchecking this option you will keep the settings you have made on the various tool panels.

Note - Settings on this panel are not saved.

What are the implications of "holding" some history items? If you "hold" some of your history then please see the writeup on Preferences.


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