Tree Charts - panel Basic

The Basic tool panel is the default panel you will see when you first open Tree Charts.

This panel allows you to try out the functionality of the tree chart facility without concerning yourself with various settings. It is an ideal way to learn how to use Tree Charts.

You can choose between two styles of chart - Ancestor or Descendant.

You can choose the number of generations that the chart will display. If the style is Ancestor then the number of generations are ancestor generations. If the style is Descendant then the number of generations are descendant generations.

To display the chart click the Process button. (Clicking the other Process buttons has the same effect.)

You know you are in Basic mode when certain areas of the screen are green. A large button beneath the Process button will also be green. This displays the text "Switch to Experienced".

Tree Charts - panel Basic

The above graphic shows how the panel looks when you are in Basic mode.

Click that button to switch to Experienced mode. You know you are in Experienced mode when the green areas revert to their brown colour. The button now displays the text "Switch to Basic".

Having switched to Experienced mode you can use the full functionality of Tree Charts.


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