Tree Charts - Preferences

Select Preferences from the Options menu.

Currently the preferences are History preferences.

Tree Charts - Preferences

The most important preference for History is to choose to 'Collect History Data'. It is on by default. Checking this means that history will be seen in the History panel.

If you want to store the Preview thumbnail size graphic of the chart then check 'Store Preview thumbnail'. If you want to store the enlarged view graphic of the chart then check 'Store Enlarged view of Preview thumbnail'. The Preview thumbnail is seen in the History panel.

You can choose the size the enlarged view will be displayed on your monitor by altering the 'Display Size'. If you have a large screen then choose the largest Display Size of 800x800.

If you don't want to store the chart settings then uncheck 'Store Settings'. By settings we mean such user interface items as the colour and width of lines.

Vary the number of History items stored and displayed by changing the 'Maximum size of list'. If you set the size to 0 then all the stored History will be deleted.

What are the implications of "holding" some history items and subsequently changing the maximum size of the list? (The topic on the panel History explains the concept of "holding" items.) If you "hold" some of your history then the following situation may occur:

You decrease the maximum size of list but the list does not get smaller. This is because held history will not be deleted. In this situation you need to "release" some of your history.


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