Tree Charts - Changes to a chart

Before the chart is generated

You can set the following options:-

Chart Orientation: bottom-to-top, left-to-right, top-to-bottom, right-to-left.

Chart Title: text, font, size.

Chart Position: left margin, top margin.

Chart Background: none, image.

Chart Layout: between generation spacing, within generation spacing between spouses, within generation spacing between non spouses, spacing between siblings, no lines, label rows with generation number.

Generations: maximum number of generations.

Include siblings of the focus person: yes, no.

Include siblings of ancestors: yes, no.

Sibling lines: color, width.

Exclude living persons: yes, no.


After the chart is generated

You can set the following options:-

Chart files: can be saved and restored, regenerated.

Printer properties: paper orientation, paper size.

Annotate the chart: images, text boxes, lines, rectanges etc.

Select Boxes: move boxes, adjust lines, group objects etc.

Within Boxes: edit text, font, size, justification, append lines, delete lines, color background.

Making changes after a chart is generated

So that the border of an object is not seen make the "Line color" equal to "Shape color".

Factors which increase chart time

The major factor is the chart width. Widths greater than 15m increase the time. This is due to the connecting lines which become some metres in length.

When you have over 500 individuals in a row it increases the time.


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