Tree Charts - Background Images

These are the images that you can load as background pictures to your chart. (Note - This is different from a picture you may use to fill the shape of a block.)

The following images are supplied:

First Light

The photographer Jeff Papas says that "The first rays of the Sun cast a golden glow over the Duluth Ship Canal's north pier on the morning of Thursday, April 29, 2010. I only had about five minutes to get this shot and a few others like it - a glorious morning on the North Shore of Lake Superior! This picture did not require significant color work - it really was a wonderful sunrise." The North Shore of Lake Superior is in Canada. I agree and I hope you do too.

Hitchen Lavender

This is a view of the Hitchen Lavender farm in Hertfordshire, England. It was taken on 4 July 2010. The photographer is Chris Kench. The larger sized images are actually of better quality than the smaller ones. You can find other images by Chris Kench on Flickr at

They are well worth a look.

Gougane Barra

Gougane Barra is a favourite wedding location in County Cork, Ireland. This photograph was taken by Ron Vink of the Netherlands in 2006. There is a white mist at the top of the photograph which lends itself well to a title which will stand out.

They are available in a range of sizes to suit charts of different sizes.

There are also many backgrounds based on various papers. These are often supplied in two orientations: portrait and landscape. For example, 'Paper_Straw_portrait' is a portrait orientation.


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