Tree Charts - Artwork

Artwork for the program is provided in a Library. This library is named Ornament.

Within that library are various Categories of artwork:

NamePlate - artwork that has an area which can have text superimposed on it with your name. So it can appear like a book plate or name plate that gets glued to a book.

Ornament - general artwork. For example, cartouches and borders.

OrnamentCorner - artwork that is suitable to be placed in a corner of your chart.

OrnamentLine - artwork that is suitable to be used to divide your chart into sections or form part of a border.

OrnamentBorder - artwork that is suitable to be used as a ready made border for your chart. This artwork can also be used to surround other areas of the chart such as the Contact.

Borders can be used to surrond a tree and align with the edge of the chart.

Borders and cartouches can be sized around a box. This can highlight a person with a fancy looking outline.


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