Slideshow Wizard - Title

The Title step allows you to have a title slide in your slideshow.

In the following screenshot the user has checked 'Include Title slide'. Now the title slide will be generated based on the information you provide.

Slideshow Wizard - Title tabsheet - Classic

Key what phrases you want to see appear on the title slide.

Changing the base title slide

It is possible to change the base title slide. This is essentially the background to the phrases that appear on the title slide. Currently the base title slide is one color - pale blue.

However you could change the color of the base or substitute a graphic such as a Coat of Arms.

You will be able to choose the size of the slideshow on the Images step. The size chosen will determine the size of the title slide too. This has implications if you want to substitute your own base title slide.

The title slide can only be a JPG image.

The recommended method is to backup and copy the standard base title files. These are found in the Slideshow folder. For example, 'Slideshow_Title_Large_PaleBlue_1280x1024.jpg'. There is one each of large, medium and small sizes.

After making your changes to the standard files ensure that the same file names are retained.


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