Slideshow Wizard - Style

The Style step in the Slideshow Wizard allows you to choose between styles of slideshow.

There are two (2) styles of slideshow. The first is Classic. In this style the image is stationary although images can transition from one to another. The second is Cover Flow. This style is an animated three dimensional interface for visually flicking through images.


In this graphic the Classic style has been selected. There are no more choices for this style in this step.

Slideshow Wizard - Style tabsheet - Classic

Cover Flow

In this graphic the Cover Flow style has been chosen. There are a number of options available.

Slideshow Wizard - Style tabsheet - Cover Flow

The main choice is between a fixed or interactive interface. In the Fixed Interface you specify how the standalone slideshow will look and the user can not alter that look. In the Interactive Interface you still specify how the standalone slideshow will look but the user can change those features in the Settings dialog.

The three features that can be altered are Mirror, Transparency and Horizontal.


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