Slideshow Wizard - Source

The Source step in the Slideshow Wizard allows you to specify the source of the images in the slideshow.

Slideshow Wizard - Source tabsheet - Classic

The default source is a GenBase. In the above screenshot the GenBase chosen was from the demonstation data available with GENP. Keipert was open when the Slideshow Wizard was run. See the heading Further Choices for more information.

You can choose to have the source of a Group of GenBases. See the heading Further Choices for more information.

Choose the Media Library to see all media for all your GenBases.

If you want to place the graphics for your slideshow in a directory (folder) then choose the Directory option.

This Directory option is very convenient and powerful. You can have different named folders in which you assemble the graphics that you want to appear in a slideshow. Choose the directory (folder) using the Ellipsis button.

The Slideshow Wizard works with images in these formats:

You can have a List as the source of your graphics. Choose the List using the Ellipsis button.

When you select a List as a Source then:-

Further Choices

Some of the sources have further choices.

Usually you will want to choose 'Associations with' an Individual. This chooses media connected to an individual.

You may also want to check Attribute and Source to choose media connected with those.

Check 'Media Location' is External to select media held externally to your GenBase/s. Check 'Media Location' is Internal to select media held internally in your GenBase/s.


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