Slideshow Wizard - Images

The Images step in the Slideshow Wizard allows you to make selections of how images will be output and other choices for images.

Slideshow Wizard - Images tabsheet - Classic

The standalone Slideshow can display the filename and caption of a graphic. Check 'Output Filenames' to enable the displaying of filenames. Check 'Output Captions' to enable the displaying of captions.


Choose the Size of the standalone slideshow window. Given the size of most user's computer screens a Large size will probably be satisfactory.


The default Position is 'Centered'. If there are one or two images which are smaller than the majority then select 'Stretched' to see if that improves the look of the slideshow.

Order images

if the source of your images is a Group then you may want to select 'GenBase' as this will order the images by GenBase. For example, if there were two GenBases in the Group then all the images for one GenBase will appear before the images for the other GenBase.


The option to remove duplicates. How does it work with internal media? The rule is that internal media are not considered to be duplicates. The origin for an internal media item was a file. It is possible for two "different" internal media to be copied from files having the same file name. For this reason internal media are not considered to be duplicates.

Internal media is given an arbitrary name like: Internal_Keipert00100_[filename]_999 where the GenBase of the internal media such as Keipert forms the name along with a reference number at the end.

Background image

The Background Images only applies to a Style of Classic.

Choose the background image using the Ellipsis button. Having chosen a background image you can then select how it will appear in the window.


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