Slideshow Wizard - Effects

The Effects step in the Slideshow Wizard allows you to specify slide transition effects.


In this graphic the Classic style has been selected.

Slideshow Wizard - Effects tabsheet - Classic

The default 'Transition delay' is 2 seconds. This is the time it takes to move from one slide to another.

To the right of the Transition list box is an area showing a sample image.

The available transitions are seen listed in the Transition list box. There are 172 transitions available. They vary from the straightforward 'Expand from Right' to the colorful 'Channel Mix'.

In the above graphic the image of Hatchepsut is changing using the 'Rectangular shred' transition. That transition is highlighted in blue in the Transition list box.

Because the user has checked 'Auto' and selected 'Randomly' in 'Auto Transition Change' the sample transitions will appear in random order.

If the user unchecks 'Auto' then sample transitions will not appear.

The options in Auto Transition Change are :


Move from one transition to the next


Move from one transition to the next in no particular order

Selected Transition

Stay on selected transition

To test a transition check 'Auto' and select an 'Auto Transition Change' of 'Selected Transition'.

Cover Flow

In this graphic the Cover Flow style has been selected. In this step there are no more choices for this style.

Slideshow Wizard - Effects tabsheet - Cover Flow


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