Name Cloud

The Name Cloud form displays the individuals in your GenBase using the Tag Cloud paradigm. Use this form to select an individual.

The Name Cloud form gives an overview of all the individuals in your GenBase. It is especially useful if you have just imported a Gedcom that you are not totally familiar with. Use the Name Cloud to look through the surnames and discover the frequency of those names.

The name cloud shows surnames highlighted in various ways. This can be by size of the surname and color of the surname.

If there are more names than will fit on the screen then the names will be broken into tab sheets of data.

Name Cloud

In the above graphic the names from the demonstration Keipert data available with GENP are shown. The most frequent name, Keipert, is Color level 4 - red. The size of the font of the name Keipert is larger than other names. The next frequent name, Kressman, is shown in blue. As there are not many distinct names they fit on one row.

Highlighting an item

If you hover the mouse over an entry then the number of these surnames will be seen as a hint. By clicking on the item the Name Select form will be displayed showing only those surnames.

You can select a person's row and click OK.

Once selected the person's name will appear in the Name Cloud form.

You can then click OK to select that person.

There are different ways to change the way the cloud is displayed :-

Sort by Number

By selecting this the display is arranged with the most frequent surname at the top left.

Surnames are then arranged in descending frequency.

If a number of surnames have the same frequency then they are arranged in alphabetical order.


This options shifts the names so they are aligned with the Left hand side of the display, the Center of the display, or the Right of the display.

Display Names

The default setting for displaying names is the number zero. The effect of this is that all names will be displayed.

The default number of zero means that if the frequency of a name is one or above then the name will be displayed.

If the setting was say 8, then displayed will be those surnames having a frequency of 9 or above.

If there are hundreds of distinct names in your GenBase then increasing this number should reduce the number of names displayed. It is sometimes the case that there are many names with a frequency of one.

Color Levels

You can apply four different colors to the name cloud.

The most frequent is level four. So in the above graphic the name Keipert is displayed in red color.

The surnames that are the least frequent are level 1.


The dialog can be resized so that more names can be seen.


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