Tutorial - Add an image to an individual

This tutorial will instruct you in adding an image to an individual.

In the following example for John Doe the image you are going to use has been provided for you.

It is in the Media Library.

See 'JohnDoe_Image1.jpg'.

This image has the text "John Doe Image 1" superimposed on his likeness.


If you look at the menu Individual | Media you will note that the icon's backdrop is a white rectangle, indicating no media for John Doe.

If you click that icon the Media Manager is shown. No media for John Doe is displayed, as there is none to display.

You are now going to add the prepared image of John Doe.

Click the menu Edit | Add Image.

Navigate to where the image is in the Media Library. Click on 'JohnDoe_Image1.jpg'.

Click Open.

The 'Media Choose Location' dialog appears. You are going to add it to the GenBase. Click the radio button GenBase. Click OK.

The image is listed under the GenBase tab.

At this stage the image has been copied to your GenBase's Media folder. However it is not linked to John Doe.

Click on the check box "Show links". As expected no one is linked to this image.

We will now link the image to John Doe.

Right click in the region listing individuals who have media.

You will see the 'Name Selection' dialog. Choose John Doe.

You will see John Doe's name appear.

We want to make this image the Primary one - so there is one more step to do.

Click in the Primary check box. Exit the Media Manager.

You will see the image of John Doe in the Picture Form.

You will note that the Individual | Media icon will now have a representation of media in the icon's rectangular back drop. It is no longer white.


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