Relationship Calculator

This tool starts working whilst you have a person on your screen. It uses that person to work out whom the relationship is from and the person the relationship is to. It is found via menu Tools | Relationship.

Of course you can change the people in the calculator. It supports GenBases that are linked and enables you to color code various linked GenBases.

You can see the Relationship Path and discover if there is more than one relationship. For example, when cousins marry.

The following graphic shows what the tool looks like when selected with the demonstration GenBase Keipert and focus individual Gertrude May Keipert.

The program has selected Heinrich Johann Keipert as the "to" person. In other words the person to whom the relationship will be calculated. The dialog is minimized. Click on the Relationship Path button to maximize the dialog.

Relationship Calculator - no path

The following graphic not only shows the dialog in its maximized state but the result of clicking the Process button.

Relationship Calculator - path

The relationship between Gertrude May Keipert and Heinrich Johann Keipert is that Gertrude May Keipert is the daughter of Heinrich Johann Keipert.

You can click the Switch button to switch Gertrude and her father. If you did this the relationship would be - father. That is Heinrich Johann Keipert is the father of Gertrude May Keipert. You can click the Find more button to see if there are any more relationships between them. You can limit the number of generations that the program will check - the default is 20 generations. By clicking the Settings button you save your choices eg. limit of generations, colors. The next time you use the tool the settings are restored.

The Advanced group box allows you to Follow linked individuals. If you have linked from one GenBase to another and wish to follow the relationship path from GenBase to GenBase then check this setting. It is possible that the "from" and "to" individuals are in different GenBases but not directly linked. In other words there is a Bridging GenBase through which the relationship path runs. If you check Allow Bridging GenBases then the program will check for these kind of relationships.

The default color for the people in the path is black. If the "to" person is in a linked GenBase then the default color is blue. People in Bridging GenBases are colored pink. Having different colors ensures that the links are clearly seen.


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