Most Recently Used (MRU) GenBase

A list of most recently used (MRU) GenBases is maintained. By clicking on the name of the GenBase that GenBase is reopened with the focus person being the last person you were working on before it was closed.

The menu Databases has as its last item a list representing the most recently used (MRU) GenBases.

For example, if you close the demonstration GenBase Keipert that name will become the first item in the list.

The maximum number of items in the list is 5.

In the above example, if Keipert was already in the list as item 3 then that item will disappear and the most recent event, that of Keipert being closed, will receive prominence, and become the first item on the list.

The list is not persistent from run to run.

Note - GenBases that are open when the program is exited do not get added to the MRU GenBase list.


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