Individual Copy

Copy an individual or list to any GenBase. Filter the media that you want to copy.

The facility will not copy the individual when the destination is the same as the source. (That would mean two identical people.)

In the following graphic the individual Johannes Keipert from the demonstration GenBase Keipert is to copied to the GenBase IndivCopy. We have also selected to copy some media. In fact we want all of his media ie. both primary and secondary media.

Individual Copy - Keipert to individual copy

After clicking the button Process you will see the Individual Copy Summary. In this case one (1) individual was copied for a total of one individual.

Individual Copy Summary - Keipert to individual copy

The above graphic is the usual Summary dialog seen. However it is possible to add individuals in a List. In that case the number of Individuals Copied will reflect the number of people in the list. It is possible that since a person was added to the list the person has been deleted from the GenBase, thus the count 'Not Present' will be increased. If the person is already in the GenBase then the count 'Duplicates' will be increased. If the person to be added is from the same GenBase then the count 'Same GenBase' will be increased.


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