Check for Duplicates Facility

When adding a new individual you can choose to Check for Duplicates. The program searches the database to see if a similar individual is already in the database. The criteria for the search can be changed in Preferences.

The video 'First Steps - Add your first person' shows the Check for Duplicates facility in action after a person has been added.

This is the dialog you will see after a person has been added:

Check for Duplicates dialog

The default is always to check for duplicates. If you want you can choose - Do not show this dialog again. This means that from now on duplicates will be always checked for. (If you had chosen to not check for duplicates then from now on duplicates will not be sought.) You can make the dialog reappear - see how this is done further on in this section.

If the program does not find any duplicates then you will see the message - There were no duplicates found.

In the following graphic you can see that the program has found a duplicate. We were adding the person J Doe and the program found Jane Doe. The two people are very similar. For example, the same birth date and the same death date.

Check for Duplicates facility

To investigate further click the Compare button. (Alternatively double click on a row.) You could choose to - Save new person. You could choose - Do not save new person. You would choose the latter if the new person you had just keyed was a duplicate.

Check for Duplicates compare

The above graphic shows the Compare dialog. The two people are displayed. The person you have just keyed is the Primary person. The person already in the GenBase is the Duplicate person. This is your chance to compare the two. When you Exit you will return to the Check for Duplicates Facility.

Check for Duplicates preferences

In Preferences you can select the criteria for a match in the Check for Duplicates Facility.

The default criteria for a match are:

Surname where the surname is identical

Birth date within 5 years.


In the above graphic you can see that the defaults have been selected. You can also check Restore 'Check for Duplicates' dialog. This will make the Check for Duplicates dialog reappear.


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