Stores and displays people that you want it to recall. This means you can be selective in whom you store. It has 10 fixed bookmarks that have their own keymaps, plus a variable number of bookmarks. Access the Bookmarks via its dialogs or keymaps. Also see the Bookmarks on the sidebar or the main menu. With a few key presses you can recall a stored bookmark.

In Preferences tabsheet History | Bookmarks you determine if you want to store bookmark data by checking 'Collect Bookmark data'.

Bookmarks preferences

You can choose to vary the number of stored bookmarks by changing the "Maximum size of list".

The following graphic shows a part of the Bookmarks tab in the Views bar. There is only one bookmark visible in this graphic. Against the number 0 is Gertrude May Keipert of the Keipert GenBase. This means that bookmark 0 will jump to her.

Bookmarks views bar

Menu Options | Bookmarks is another representation of the Bookmarks list. Click on the numbered row and then click OK or double click on the numbered row to jump to that person. You can delete a person from the Bookmarks list by firstly clicking on the numbered row then clicking the upper Delete button.

Bookmarks dialog

You can also select a row then click the upper button 'Bookmark focus person' to assign a person to a bookmark.

In the above situation where Gertrude May Keipert has been assigned to bookmark 0 you can use the keyboard keys CTRL 0 to jump to her. If she had been assigned to bookmark 8 for example, you could use the keyboard keys CTRL 9 to jump to her.

You can use the lower button 'Bookmark focus person' to add people to the lower grid. You can delete a person from the lower Bookmarks list or grid by firstly clicking the row then clicking the lower Delete button. You can jump to a person in the lower grid by firstly selecting their row then clicking the OK button at the base of the lower grid.

After choosing the person from the Bookmarks list you will see the View Individual dialog. The default is always Use open GenBase. If you want you can choose - Open new instance of GenBase. In this case another screen will open. If you want you can choose - Do not show this dialog again. You can make the dialog reappear in Preferences. (Choose Restore 'View Individual' Dialog.)

History view individual

As the Bookmarks list stores people from any GenBase it is easy to jump to anyone anywhere.


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