Adding media to an individual

Step 1. Make the individual the focus.

Step 2. Menu Individual | Media.

Assuming that this is the first time you are going to add media then you will see the Media Manager with no media displayed.

Step 3. Menu Edit | Add Image.

You will see the Open dialog. Navigate to the file you want to use. Click the Open button.

Step 4. 'Media Choose Location' dialog.

You will choose External and GenBase, so that the image will be stored with the GenBase in a folder named Media.

Step 5. The row for this image will appear in the Media Manager.

Step 6. Click 'Show Links'.

Right click in the window that appears. From the 'Name Selection' dialog choose the individual. Their name record will appear.

Step 7. If this media is to be the Primary media then click the Primary check box.


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