Free genealogy program terms and conditions

With the release of GENP 5 this offer has been suspended.

Our GEDCOM import routines have been built and rigorously tested on Windows since 2001.

When we build a new version of the program we run tests on over two hundred (200) GEDCOM files. These files have been exported from popular genealogy programs, or are hand crafted files designed to test various non standard GEDCOM files that some programs export.

We then import them into the family history genealogy program GENP.

To obtain a free copy of GENP Platinum, our top of the range edition, all you need to do is provide us with a copy of your GEDCOM file which you have been unable to import into GENP.

Then if GENP goes into a loop, crashes or you don't think it imports the file contact us!

The terms and conditions are:-

1. You provide us with a copy of your GEDCOM file.

2. The file clearly indicates which program exported it.

3. The file was produced by a Windows genealogy program on Windows.

4. The file is less than 5 MB (because you should be able to isolate the problem to a small file).

5. It is a problem that has not been brought to our attention previously (we are not giving a free copy to your cousin too!)

6. We can recreate the problem that you have identified.

7. When you contact us please give us your name and city and country of residence.

8. You are not yet a registered user of the program.

9. One copy per person, non transferrable.

10. Our decision is final.

If you are correct then not only will you receive a free copy of the program but we will place your name on our website etc. to highlight you were a successful winner. The kudos is yours.

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